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        《中國衛生質量管理》雜志是由中華人民共和國國家衛生健康委員會主管,中國醫院協會及陜西省人民醫院主辦的衛生質量管理學術期刊。創刊于1995年2月。國內外公開發行,具有ISSN1006-7515,CN61-1283/R標準刊號。2008年6月進入“中國科技論文統計源期刊(中國科技核心期刊)”。 2010年榮獲“陜西省優秀科技期刊”。


      Introduction to “Chinese Health Quality Management” journal
        The “Chinese Health Quality Management”, founded in February 1995, is the only national high-quality academic journal on health quality management, which is supervised by the Department Of Health of China and hold under the auspices of China Hospital Association and People’s Hospital of Shaanxi Province. The journal is open published, and circulated both at home and overseas with standard serial number of ISSN1006-7515 and CN61-1283/R. Since June 2008, the journal has bee indexed in “Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations”. 2010 ,the journal won the "outstanding scientific and technological journals in Shaanxi Province."
        The “Chinese Health Quality Management” journal is a national instructional scientific and technical journal which bases on research and communication on methods and academic outcomes in health quality domain. The journal includes more than thirty columns: special attentions, medical quality, nursing quality, service quality, logistics quality, quality cost, quality of disease control and prevention, blood quality, quality authentication, QC group platform, quality and statute, quality & infornatization, method and practice, problem and exploration, windows and specialist forum, et al. It focuses on quality and combines theory with practice, serves the objective of academic communication for medical doctors, nurses, quality control management staff, medical management staff, medical science technologists with quality management responsibility, teaching and research staff in colleges or institutes, and other related people.
        Twenty-first century is a new era with increasing challenge for quality, especially in health domain. As the only national health quality journal, “Chinese Health Quality Management” pays close attention to hot social topics, deepens academic discussions, keeps quality as objective, and becomes one of the most popular academic journals.
        The “Chinese Health Quality Management” is published bimonthly (on 28 th every odd month) with big sextodecimo format. The rate is ¥15.00 per issue and ¥180.00 per year.